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Why use Astute Mortgages?

Astute Mortgages has created a mortgage broking service that solves problems, negotiates and intermediates on your behalf and helps clients create and maintain wealth through the right loan structure.  Since 2003 this approach has created “raving fans” amongst our clients.

Finding you the right loan:

Finding the best value loan solution for you from many lenders is at the core of our service.  We consider the costs and benefits of various loan possibilities before we make your loan recommendation – you would be surprised with our findings.  If you are pre-approved and the environment has changed and an alternative loan product has come up – we offer this option to you.  So what do we really do that’s different?


1)   We help you see the big picture not just a quick fix:

Do you think there might be a better way to do things?

Credit Card, savings account and Loan account not all talking to each other? Getting all these to work together can actually mean a great difference to your hip pocket and your everyday convenience.

Are you planning to do one thing today but don’t know if the loan will accommodate your plans for the future? Planning forward your loan finance structure can help you take advantage of opportunities as they arise and save you on reworks with your finance later on down the track.

Astute Mortgages work with clients to put together a Proactive Loan Structure that supports their plans for the future and allows them to have the funds available so that they can take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

2)   Solutions to what you may want and what you may need:

If we don’t ask the right questions we may only be solving half your problem. You may tell us you are looking for the best rate – but when we consider your circumstances in actual fact this is only half of the problem. Often there is something else that needs attention to set the loan up correctly.

Effective solutions to your loan are only found by taking the time to understand what you are trying to achieve and what is important to you.

Once we have solved your problem the product choices can become very easily defined. An example may be a client who wanted the “best interest rate” for a purchase.  When we explored further we realised it was a property share situation with her sister.

We take the time to get to know your situation so that we can offer the most appropriate “value” solution.

3)   Purchasing? Let us run around with the real estate agent, the solicitor and the bank for you.

The pressures of purchasing a property can be demanding enough, without worrying about your finance being correct and available on time. We mark critical dates and we co-ordinate with your solicitor/conveyancer, your agent and your finance provider. We speak to these parties on your behalf so you are not left playing “Chinese whispers”

4)   We fight damn hard for you!

Once you entrust us with your loan we are persistent in getting the best result for you. We negotiate until we are satisfied that the end result will be consistent with our previous questionnaire with you.

We value our client satisfaction.  90% of our business comes from happy customers and we invite you to become another Astute Mortgages happy and successful client.


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